Phone: 805-458-3083

Consultating Services 

We offer consulting services for issues related to conservation, archiving, storage, and collection environments.



  • Examine, test, and analyze objects for repair
  • Identify material and manufacturing technique
  • Provide documentation, including condition assessments, treatment proposals, and cost estimates
  • Dry clean surfaces to remove dirt and dust
  • Wet clean surface to remove stains
  • Humidify and relax folded objects
  • Reconstruct and repair structure
  • Replace missing sections or pieces where appropriate
  • In-paint new areas to blend with object
  • Construct archival housings for storage
  • Coordinate professional packing and insured shipping
  • Recommend care and maintenance
  • Give lectures and host workshops

Archival Services

  • Examine collection and create an archive plan
  • Document items present
  • Organize and label collection so items can easily be found
  • Digitize photos and documents for long term preservation and ease of distribution
  • Repackage items using appropriate materials
  • Organize items into boxes for long-term storage or future distribution
  • Assist with distribution to cultural institutions
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